Help us gather a great group of photos to show the hackers at the 2018 “Make the Breast Pump Not Suck” Hackathon what it’s really like to pump- and what they should think about as they work to make it better.  Below is the official call for photos.  Please send them along before March 20th!


In April of 2018 MIT and Emerson will be hosting a “Make The Breastpump Not Suck” Hackathon and policy summit to redesign breastpumps and develop policies to support working parents. Many of the people who will participate have never pumped and might never have thought about how and where people pump.

I’m collecting photos of pumping spaces and pumping situations (the good, the bad and the ugly) to display at the hackathon to inspire the process. Next to each photograph will be a few sentences of description.

If you’re pumping now or if you pumped in the past you can participate! Here’s how:

  1. Take a few pictures that respond to ANY of the following prompts:

Where do you pump?

What makes it hard to pump comfortably?

What could make pumping better?

  1. Choose one or two pictures that you particularly like and write a few sentences to hang next to them, answering some of these questions:

What is happening in your picture?

Why did you take a picture of this?

What does this picture tell us?

How can this picture help us improve pumping?

  1. Email me high resolution (“actual size”) images of your favorite photos along with a few sentences explaining them. Send them to:

 If your photo will be displayed at the hackathon I’ll be in touch to ask for your permission.


Even if you’re not pumping right now, if you know anyone else who’s pumping or if you have a memory and a photo that you’d like to share when you were pumping that would be fantastic too.

pumping photo flyer_English

pumping photos flyer_espanol