Publications and Presentations



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Selected Presentations


Suicide Prevention Among Culturally Diverse Communities: Findings from Six Focus Groups, Keynote, Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention Annual Kickoff Breakfast, Marlboro, MA, September 2016

Church as a Protective Factor to Suicide and Potential Barrier to Prevention, presentation with Tony Dellovo at 5th Annual Conference on Haitian Mental Health, Newton, MA, May 2016

Data Murals – using art to build community engagement, increase data literacy and increase public conversation about local health concerns.  Oral presentation, American Public Health Association conference, New Orleans, 2014

Using Art for Social Change, organizer and moderator for panel presentation at Doctors for Global Health 17th General Assembly “Challenging Scarcity: Health Justice for All” Boston, MA, August 2012

Cross Fertilization: Local/Global Approaches to Empowerment and Health Promotion in Marginalized Communities.  Panel presentation with Laura Turiano PA PHM; and Jyoti Puuvula MD, Doctors for Peace, Doctors for Global Health General Assembly, Iowa City, Iowa, July 19, 2008

Monitoring and Evaluation: Improving Our Work/ Monitoreo y Evaluacion, Mejorando Nuestro Trabajo. Interactive presentation with Dr; Linnea Capps and Dr. Bridget Dyer, Doctors for Global Health General Assembly, San Salvador, El Salvador, October 26, 2007

Experiential Learning for Action to Address Disparities, with Deborah Katz and Jacquie Andersen, presented at the New England Regional Minority Health Conference: Eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities by 2010: moral and economic imperatives. CT, April 4 2007.