RoboPaint – Palm Pilot drawing app

RoboPaint is my open-source paint program for color Palm Pilots. No, it doesn’t have robots or monkeys, but you can draw yourself some with it! Some of the features:

  • A saveable swatch of colors (double-tap to edit)
  • Erase (double-tap to erase full screen)
  • Copy and paste (option of white being transparent)
  • Undo (one-level)
  • Eye-dropper to select colors off the screen
  • Resizeable pen (click on up and down arrows), always a circle
  • File management (open, save, and delete)
  • Wicked cool interface (with graffitti shortcuts for all menu commands)
  • Tons of commenting (it’s open-source, so I felt the need)

I archived the source code (circa 2001) on GitHub for your amusement.


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May 1, 2001