Map of the Future


The Map of the Future is an interactive climate change simulation created by Tactable for an NSF-sponsored traveling museum exhibit. I made major user-interface changes to the in-progress project, iterating quickly towards a simplified model that allows visitors to see the future impacts of policy changes. My work included a deep-dive into the research to back up certain simplifying assumptions we made – bringing scientifically sound predictions and a well-vetted model to a new audience.

The Seasons of Change exhibit focused on the current and future potential impacts of local and global climate change. Visitors walking up to the interactive table can place one or more dials on the map to alter the future level of energy supplies and demands, and see how those changes would impact the world in 2075. Multiple versions of the Map of the Future table will travel around the US as part of a larger exhibit over the next few years.

The Map of the Future won the Applied Arts 2010 award for best Digital Offline exhibit.


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September 1, 2011