Mandalas for School Adjustment Counselors

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In collaboration with The Beautiful Stuff Project, Connection Lab worked with school adjustment counselors in a local elementary school to help them integrate mandalas into their clinical practice with students and to prepare them to create a collaborative mandala with all of the students who come through their office each week.  They received training in sand mandalas, drawing, and other techniques from a local clinician who uses mandalas in her own practice. The collaborative mosaic that students ultimately created was made from beads, shells, photos set under glass, paper and other found objects.  With all of these materials, the final product was stunning, and was hung in the lobby of the school for everyone to see.  One unexpected outcome of the project was that as the mandala progressed, students were able to see that there are many others who also visit the adjustment counselor, reducing their sense of isolation and stigma.


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July 18, 2019