Interfaith Stained Glass Windows


In collaboration with the MEM Project, Interfaith Family and Bentley
University, Connection Lab helped interfaith couples, students, faculty and faith leaders create two stained glass panels for the Bentley University Spiritual Life Center.  The windows incorporate cut paper designs, sculpted wire, and copper-foiled colored glass.  Each panel of the window is an individual exploration of faith traditions and light, and the collaborative wire sculptures that students made and
soldered into openings in the stained glass panels reflect ideas of healing and balance.  The project brought together members of the Bentley community with members of the broader community to find points of connection and to be inspired by cultural diversity.

One participant explained their contribution by saying, “Light can evoke many things: knowledge, energy, goodness, happiness, and divinity, to name a few. In my glass design, I chose to depict light as a beacon of faith, through the image of a lighthouse radiating brightness into the surrounding waters.” Another said, I spend a lot of my life in my work as a rabbi listening to the stories of the people I meet. I often imagine these stories as puzzle pieces, providing me a bit more insight about the world, humanity, and the nature of people. I learn so much from the people I encounter and I hope to always keep adding pieces to the never ending puzzle.”  And a third said, “My circle represents the connectedness of all of us, and the imperfection of life and faith, as well as the interplay of light and dark in creating what we experience as faith.”



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April 7, 2018