1″ x 2″, found objects

Some days I look at my calendar and there are fifteen things on there. Little colored rectangles that each represent a whole host of actual tasks.  Meetings, doctors’ appointments, project deadlines, and reminders.  They look like they just can’t be contained by the little day-of-the-week square. In fact, they often overlap each other so much that I can’t even read them.  Today I accidentally had two virtual meetings running in different tabs simultaneously, so as I listened to one conversation, comments from the chat in the other popped up on my screen.  It felt like my brain had landed on the monitor.  I made this pendant with the idea of representing the fullness of my days and my brain. I didn’t mean for it to be so literal, but when I saw the typewriter key that said “margin release” it just said it all.  If someone could just release my margins, I’d be all set.  Maybe a few more hours each day?  A brain that could hold just a bit more at one time?