1″ x1″, Glass

Over the past 20 years or so the part of prevention that‘s about keeping people safer and healthier  has moved from being something that’s whispered among practitioners to something that’s in the mainstream. With the widespread adoption of nasal narcan as a way to reverse opioid overdoses, people are talking openly about harm reduction in a way that they haven’t since condoms were promoted to quell the HIV epidemic.  And it opens a window to think about harm reduction in many realms. When is it ‘my way or the highway’ and when can we find ways to meet people where they are, to help them explore and find their own ways to be healthier and safer?  In this pendant the dark glass at the top represents a brick wall that’s as tough and unbreakable as addiction can seem.  But as the rows of brick loosen, some of the dark bricks are replaced with lighter and brighter insets.  These are safer practices, new ideas and windows of opportunity.