After many months of collecting photos of pumping situations and stories about the good, the bad and the ugly of trying to pump while working, the photo voice project is almost ready to hang. The exhibit will be displayed during the Make the Breastpump Not Suck Hackathon at MIT from April 27-29 and we may find some more venues in the future.  Check out a couple of the great photos that will be included.

I’m a resident physician and a nursing mom. While I spend 12-14 hours most days in the hospital caring for patients, the biggest challenge is finding the time and space to take care of myself and my now nine-month old baby. I’ve secretly turned one of the hospital call rooms into my pumping room. It’s where I eat, hydrate, chart, talk on the phone, answer my pager, and pump simultaneously. Only rarely do I have a few extra minutes to just stop everything and simply look at photos of my baby.- Charlotte Grinberg

I had a crazy day of meetings, plus my midday nursing session at daycare didn’t happen because the baby was sleeping when I got there. So by the time I left the office in the evening, I really needed to pump. But I had to pick up the kids, so I left the office a few minutes late (meeting ran over), picked up the baby and then pumped on the way from daycare to the school to pick up my big boys. I don’t really mind, I’ve pumped with my husband in the car before, with all three of the boys once, but I’m often alone. I keep both hands on the wheel, which helps shield my body from view, but I also don’t worry too terribly much about who might see something. -Marianne