As a way to help bring a class together, Connection Lab and the Beautiful Stuff Project teamed up to lead a four-session collaborative mosaic project.  With lots of careful planning and on-the-spot orchestration, we pulled off an exciting piece in only four 45-minutes periods!  Each student made a self-protrait and helped to tile the border.  We then tackled the rest.  After a long discussion about ideas for the design in center, we turned to the classroom teacher, who decided that we would have a bird, which represents each of the students taking flight, with a heart in the middle, to show that we all love learning. The section around the bird (in a nod to the very popular idea of having the central image be cheese), is yellow and cheesy.  Everyone participated and by the time we took the mosaic out to be grouted last week everyone was thrilled with the project.  I can’t wait to bring it back to show them the finished product and have everyone sign the back!