After a few more mosaic sessions with about 70 youth participating, the mosaic garden bed numbers are coming along beautifully.  We’re creating variations on a theme, with each number placed inside a circle, and many other design elements being determined by the project participants.


I thought it might be helpful to explain why this project is important.  Here’s a photo of the schoolyard garden.


Here’s a photo of the map and planting chart for the garden.


Now how easily could a student find bed #14 using just the map?  I think the numbers in the gardens themselves will help.



I did some useful preparation for today’s session, sorting many of the tiles by color so that groups of young students could take a paver, a jar of tiles and a cup of thinset and get started.  Not having to sort the tiles during the session saved a lot of time.

One teacher told me that she liked how soothing the project was.  Since she works with a group of Kindergarteners and first graders all day, I can imagine that an hour-long meditative project like mosaic can be a nice break for her.