After completing a peace quilt last year, it seemed important to capture some of the thoughts behind each quilt square. While designs and images can sometimes speak for themselves, I wanted to hear designers’ own explanations of what they had designed and how it related to peace.  I spoke to many of the quilt designers and made a small book that showed quilt squares alongside quotes from the designers.  The book was a fun project, but the quotes have power beyond just explaining the quilt.

This year I became involved in another East Somerville project, helping artist Laura Smith who is leading the creation of a clay mosaic that will be installed on the benches in front of the East Somerville library.  At a series of events people pressed meaningful objects into clay to make textured leaf forms that will be tesselated on the bench.

IMG_6860 copy

IMG_6863 copy

IMG_6856 copy

I also sent Laura some of the quotes from the quilt project. They’re wonderful statements abut peace, unity, community and East Somerville.  Many of them have now been pressed into clay and will be part of the finished product before the end of the summer! Check back to see how the quotes look once they’re glazed, fired and installed.