After book making, paper cutting, collages, photovoice and drawing, members of the HOPE coalition pulled their best ideas together into an action plan that will guide the coalition’s work over the coming years.  This was no standard action plan, but instead includes quotes from members about their personal connections to the issues that they selected to work on, lays out measurable outcomes for each of the issues, and provides a series of actions and strategies that the group can use to achieve the changes that they want to see.


While the strategies that they put on their action map may not be enough to accomplish all of the changes that they dream of, their ideas will be incorporated into a larger community health planning process that the Worcester health department is leading in the coming months.  By pooling resources and drawing on the expertise of other community partners they may be able to accomplish most of their outcomes.

In the meantime, the group has a visual about their plan that they can share with their community partners and can use to remind themselves of how each piece of their work fits together.  Here it is!

action map