Arts at the Armory’s new program that offers free art classes for 11-16 year olds in Somerville is wrapping up its first season.  I taught the final three classes, teaching the kids to make individual mosaic designs that represent the winter season.  With a limited budget we worked primarily with smashed ceramics and scrap stained glass.  The great part about using broken crockery is that unexpected textures, patterns and colors of the materials can suggest design ideas.  Because the projects will be hung indoors, we were able to use any ceramics and didn’t have to worry about whether they would crack if they froze.



The group developed some wonderful designs and managed to put them together in time for this week’s showcase.  At the show the students proudly showed their work to parents, friends, local TV and reporters from the local papers.  I’m hoping that the program can continue, allowing youth who may not otherwise have access to arts enrichment to find each other and to learn new skills.