Work continues on the great infographic-style mural that a class from Prospect Hill Academy designed for the South Street farm.

Here’s a picture of how the colors will be laid out (except that the background will actually be light yellow).

photo 2

The group scrubbed and primed the fence, and we’ve gridded the drawing to help with transferring the image.  Yesterday I spent a hot sunny afternoon helping the group start to put the image on the fence.  They had already gridded a portion of the fence and we found that the transfer when more easily once we numbered and lettered the axes on the paper and on the fence.  The figure, the sugar packets, the fruit bowl and the beginning of the vacant lots are all laid out on the wall.

photo 3

photo 4

We used chalk and then paint pens to mark the wall.  Hopefully the paint pens will stand up to today’s thunderstorms!